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FDA-approved to help with chronic weight management. It acts on centers in the brain and suppresses appetite. The largest clinical trial showed that people lost an average of almost 15% of their initial body weight.

CharaCore is a placental-derived tissue product obtained from highly screened healthy US newborn babies’ birth tissue. CharaCore is highly rich in Mesenchymal Stem Cells ( MSCs) with more than 20% of the total cell population as MSCs.

CharaExo is a purified acellular growth factor product (exosome) derived from Placental MSCs. The XENO-free product is proven by NanoSight assay to contain 15 billion nanoparticles per cc.

All Chara products are processed in an FDA-registered and inspected laboratory.

Insertion of subcutaneous estradiol and/or testosterone hormone pellets for hormone replacement therapy. This service is available for both women and men. New patients will need an initial hormone visit and possibly lab work prior to pellet insertion. Please schedule a week in advance so that individual pellets may be ordered. If labs are to be reviewed, there will be an additional cost. Please be aware that thyroid management (or any other medical management) is a separate service from sex hormone management. Patients must be up to date on all recommended screening exams in order to continue hormone replacement therapy via Vitality Medical Spa. Copies of most recent breast imaging, annual physical exam, pelvic exam and pap (if appropriate), PSA and DEXA must be kept up to date. All patients must have a primary care physician who provides these services and manages any ongoing chronic health conditions as Vitality Medical Spa is not a Primary Care Center but does require ongoing screening for services.

Hormone Pellet Insertion (established patient) 
Insertion of hormone pellets (only) for an established patient. This includes physician insertion of the pellets only. Hormone pellets and sterile insertion tray are priced separately.

New Hormone Pellet Patient/ Hormone Pellet Patient Transfer 
Initial visit of a patient for evaluation of hormone pellet therapy. This is for a patient who has been getting hormone pellets at an outside facility and wishes to transfer to our practice. If most recent labs are available, those should be brought to visit or sent ahead of time to 843-757-2271 or All medications and supplements should be brought to visit. Pellets will not be placed at this visit. This is an intake visit to gather history and data needed to calculate a correct hormone dosage and to order any further testing if needed. It is also an opportunity for the patient and staff to see if they are indeed a complimentary fit to move forward.

Lab Review for Hormone Pellet Patients 
Review of hormone labs with patient and fine tuning of supplements and pellet dosage

All patients seen for hormone follow up requesting any services that are outside the scope of that visit may be asked to reschedule for another appointment or subject to additional fees as the time slot and pricing are only for a Hormone Follow Up visit. Dr. Blessitt does not provide refills of prescriptions written by other providers for management of health problems outside the hormone therapy scope (ie, anti-hypertensive medications, psychoactive medications for depression/sleep/anxiety/ADHD, GI medications, etc).