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An Unique Med Spa Experience

By combining their medical and aesthetic expertise, Kristie Blessitt, MD and Joanie Vilcheck, RN, provide an integrated, thoughtful approach to anti-aging and skin care that includes the area’s only Plasma Pen, as well as rejuvenating IV therapy and more. Vitality Med Spa’s services offer an holistic approach to beauty and health.


IV therapy
hormone pellets
femi lift

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plasma pen
prp microneedling
pdo threads
prp injections

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Why Choose Us?

“Our goal at Vitality Medical Spa is to treat the whole person and restore that person to the best they can be – to feel their best and live their most vital life.”

I was very intrigued when I heard about IV Therapy. No other medical spa, at least that I have heard of, was offering this. I don’t love needles, but I guess who does? Joanie is awesome. She makes you very comfortable and the entire procedure was easy, painless and comfortable. The spa is very clean and glamourous. Beautiful tall ceilings and very quiet and calming ambiance. Their location has plenty of parking and conveniently located in between the Library and the Post Office in Bluffton. I have had the IV Therapy done twice now and already have my third scheduled. I love the science behind it and you an definitely tell a difference within a few days. I have had other services there, as well. I highly recommend the expertise of this Med Spa. Their passion for new science and education, paired with their compassion and love of their chose careers does not go unnoticed.

Alexis Sargo

A few words in a review will never be able to adequately describe the level of personalized care these two women provide to all their patients, nor will it be able to successfully illustrate the peaceful, relaxing, and comforting environment they’ve created. Two very talented, skilled professionals whose sincerity and authentic care for their patients is evident in their work.

Tim Watson

I have been a patient of Dr. Kristi Blessitt for over 10 years. She has helped me navigate my pre- and post-menopausal years by keeping my hormones in balance and recommending appropriate treatments for other issues related to my overall wellness. What sets her apart is personalization. She’s not writing the same script for every patient who walks through her door. She listens, observes, and takes into account all aspects of your lifestyle and health before making recommendations. She is a brilliant physician with the ability to analyze the numbers from your lab tests and translate that information into an effective treatment plan. She takes a natural path whenever possible and prescribes medications and therapies thoughtfully with regard to your unique physical and emotional needs. If you are looking for a doctor who can relate to you as a woman and think outside the box instead of falling back on the same cookie-cutter formulas that are not working, see Dr. Blessitt, and be patient while she works her magic.

Linda H, Hilton Head Island

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159 State Street
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